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Why the name Mudskipper?
You'll have to dive a little deeper ...


What's in a name?

Mudskippers are air-breathing amphibious fish, who use their adapted pectoral fins to move on land; they flourish in different environments with a clear view both above and below the water. Together, these attributes mean that mudskippers have significant advantages over their fully-aquatic competitors

Like our namesake, Mudskipper® thrives in multiple diverse environments. We continually adapt to meet the changing needs of our clients, exploring new approaches and testing new waters


If you found this site because you were seeking information relating to mudskippers (the fish) your visit has not been in vain. Click for a brief insight into the fascinating creature after which we named our company

Mudskipper | Our expertise

Our reputation for excellence is built on the perfect ecosystem of scientific expertise, strategic acumen, combined with a splash of creative flair

We aim never to lose sight of the fact that we are also involved in the development and marketing of new and effective medicines to treat serious conditions. Nor do we forget the needs of the patient and caregiver

  • Scientific understanding

    We're passionate about the science behind drug development and strive to have a comprehensive understanding of your brand

  • Strategic

    Our deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry drives our robust strategic knowledge

  • Seamless delivery

    We pride ourselves on our personalized service, exceptional quality and diligent approach

We live and breathe strategic medical communications

Strategy development
We're experts in strategic interpretation, strategy development, planning and programme implementation at all stages of drug development and commercialization
Stakeholder engagement
We understand your target audiences and know how to identify, map, and engage with stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum. We're highly skilled in establishing and maintaining effective collaborations with HCPs, patient advocacy groups and payers across the globe
Science communication
We love science, but we know it goes much deeper than that. Telling a compelling story that is accurate, well-written, compliant and strategically sound is the cornerstone of our business
Internal communications
We can support you and your team to ensure complete integration across functions and locations. We can help you to identify internal learning needs and devise and deliver programmes (including e-learning, live and virtual events) in response
Creative and digital services
We can bring your story to life through the use of impactful design and creative digital delivery (including apps, websites and our proprietary platforms)
From small group meetings to major standalone events, we design engaging and informative meetings for both face-to-face or virtual environments. All meetings are designed to achieve your strategic needs and are planned and delivered with care and passion

We thrive in meaningful partnerships

Our personalized approach has led to many long-standing client partnerships. In fact, we've been working with some of our clients for over 14 years. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • We're a highly qualified team with expertise garnered from medical communications, research, academia and industry
  • The team is skilled in establishing effective collaborations with medical thought-leaders worldwide
  • We're focused on upholding high standards within the environment in which we and our clients operate
  • We take pride in providing high-quality services and developing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships
Mudskippers | Working in partnership

Come over to our pad

Identifying, retaining and developing a highly skilled and committed team is critical to our success. So how can we convince you to make the leap to our lily pad?

What we can tell you is that Mudskipper is committed to creating an environment where talented people can thrive. In fact, our founders placed great emphasis on this when starting Mudskipper and this principle continues to attract and retain leading healthcare communication professionals from around the globe.


Dive into our world...